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We offer three types of manicure all using the luxurious OPI beauty products to leave your
hands feeling smooth, revitalised and cleansed.
Please call in to the salon for a free consultation to find the best product and treatment for you

OPI essential manicure
It is essential to hand and nail care health to maintain your nails, cuticles and skin. With regular treatment, you will experience more youthful looking hands and more beautiful, healthy-looking nails! This manicure includes, cuticle treatment and nail filing and shaping. Service recommended twice monthly for wearers of both natural and enhanced nails

Duration: 20 - 30 minutes

Luxury intensive moisturising treatment
Super hydrating and softening treatment for even the driest hands and nails with a luxurious moisturising massage and hand wrap for nourishing, deep penetrating results. Cuticle treatment, nail filing and shaping, this manicure will help revitalise your hands and nails.
Duration: 45 minutes


OPI rejuvenating age-defying treatment
This deep penetrating treatment exfoliates, revitalises, renews and protects your hands and will treat them to the age-defying benefits of AHAs and anti-oxidant vitamins. Finishing with a luxurious deep moisturising massage.
Duration: 60 minutes

All 3 manicures are completed with a nail polish of your choice, or choose a french polish for an aditional £3.50

Just paint £7.50
Shape & paint £11

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